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This site is dedicated to all Vegertarian and Vegan. If you're a vegertarian or wants to be one, and you're a teen and not sure, check this site out. Also for all of Vegan out there. I am not a Vegan , but planing on become one soon, if you want to be Vegan , I say check this site out and find out how to come one. Or if you're against Animal cruelty and animal exploitation , than join this site .

Posted By Bratzqueen on Oct 18, 2009 at 5:27PM

Hey! ,  everyone so yesterday I was looking for information on Peta  and I came across this video, and after just watching  half of it, I couldn't bring my self to finish it, because it's so disturbing and ugly. I don't why people wear animal skin, what do you get out of it , because I know alot of people eat  meat because it has protein  and they think there's no other way of getting it. But what's people who wear fur exuse, becuase you don't get anything from wearing animal skin. here's the video and i have to WARN you guys it's really disturbing .



Welcome to Teen Vegetarian and Vegan

Posted By Bratzqueen on Oct 17, 2009 at 4:42PM

Hey, everyone if you  join Teen -Vegetarian and Vegan I applause for you. I knoew most people think that begin Vegetarian or Vegan is crazy, and beleive me i knoew what they mean, because 3 years ago that was me . Every time someone say that being vegetarian or Vegan is crazy,  I want to prove them wrong and let them see my point view and what I am trying to show them . I have been Vegetarian for almost four years , and I just finish reading a book about become a Vegan , and after finishing the book, everytime I see milk or egg I just think of how animals are treated so I'll be able to drink one glass of milk and eat an egg. So I am planing on become a Vegan, because I become Vegetarian because I wanted people to stop killing animals, and I thought getting milk or eggs from them doesn't kill or harm them, But that changed after reading the book. So everyone one out there that's animal lover and wants to be Vegan or vegetarian  thanks for supporting this group. I look forward to share information with all of you guys and how to become one and how to help animals out there.


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